Lake Lure Chimney Rock North Carolina Fall Leaf Report – Changing Foliage Leaves

lake lure chimney rock leaf reportVisitors from around the world come to the Blue Ridge Mountains to witness the fall changing of the leaves.  As summer draws to an end, and cooler weather begins to set in, the lush green leaves that cover the mountains slowly turn to a bright gold and yellow color creating a colorful panorama.  No where is this sight more breathtaking than in the area around Lake Lure and Chimney Rock North Carolina. The color change begins in the upper elevations and works it way down to the valleys.  The months of October and November are normally the most beautiful.

The link below provides up to date photographs of the changing leaves.  Below each picture is the date that it was taken.  Make sure to bring your camera.

Click Here for the Lake Lure, Chimney Rock North Carolina Leaf Report.